Redskins Federation

Last Online - Thursday 1st of June 2017
Display Name HarshCon22
Member Since Nov 14, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 6873-5136


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Pressure MMMA
5-25-2017 6:22 pm EST
No problem bud, good win. You're dude kicked my dudes ass
7-1-2015 3:36 pm EST
Yo i just got my first rare kickboxing prospect
6-18-2015 7:57 am EST
Check out the two monsters i got in my camp
6-1-2015 7:51 pm EST
Nope as in not interested or nope as in haven't thought about it?
5-31-2015 1:15 pm EST
Hey bro been a few weeks since we talked. Any thoughts about running with us? Could use another great coach to put us over the top and we won't ask you for much besides to keep kicking ass like you do.
5-21-2015 11:25 am EST
Thanks for the kind words harsh...appreciatw it
5-16-2015 7:48 pm EST
Thanks Harsh. Glad to see your still going strong here too!
5-8-2015 7:20 am EST
Hey wont cut down already tried haha
5-1-2015 7:21 pm EST
Hey bro we opened up a spot in the alliance just for you. How's about it?
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
4-30-2015 11:12 am EST
Thanks bro! Santa will snatch it back up soon enough.
4-26-2015 5:21 pm EST
im good buddy just work , my daughter and coaching basketball :)
4-15-2015 6:48 pm EST
what up harsh ??? how you been fam
4-14-2015 11:10 pm EST
Well Eagles and Redskins joining forces would be huge IMO.
4-14-2015 11:06 am EST
Harsh u ready to join an alliance yet?
4-12-2015 1:31 pm EST
Yo star im back son
4-11-2015 12:53 am EST
Yeah, hi. I decided to play the game a little bit again to kill some time...
4-8-2015 4:52 am EST
Yes, klok.
4-3-2015 5:48 pm EST
Sorry if i didnt accept a fight
Ed Banger
The Dukes
3-21-2015 1:03 pm EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
3-11-2015 12:06 pm EST
You're kicking my ass this reset. Good fights.
The Godfather
859 Academy
3-8-2015 7:14 am EST
Sent ya a pm, seen ya haven't read it. Come on in to tlcs, quit playing hard to get ;) lol
2-27-2015 3:34 pm EST
yea good fight. Turbo
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
2-25-2015 5:59 pm EST
Good to see you fighting amigo.
2-23-2015 12:30 pm EST
Same to you. Good job!
The Godfather
859 Academy
2-21-2015 8:53 am EST
Tlcs would still love to have ya, hopefully you aren't sour on alliances for too long.
2-21-2015 4:20 am EST
Yea no doubt, I just mean don't be deceived by the start, since I have some advantages :)
2-19-2015 8:08 am EST
Thanks, I must admit that I did cheat a little and bought credits for equipment and recruits though.
The Godfather
859 Academy
1-17-2015 4:27 pm EST
Hey bud, chief told me you were going to step up for tlcs in winter warfare. I appreciate the offer but we're not interested ina hired gun. If you would like to come back to the alliance game we'd love to have ya though.
1-9-2015 7:23 pm EST
Hi again, are you interested in joining a clan?
1-3-2015 1:48 am EST
Hello, are you member in a clan? If not we would like you to join us if you are interested, we are a new clan with few members but not "newbies" by any mean, so if you would like to join hit me back, cheers.
1-2-2015 11:39 am EST
Christian Martyr
Psalm 144 1
10-13-2014 10:32 am EST
Thanks :D
9-24-2014 7:58 pm EST
9-24-2014 6:57 pm EST
Your new mw champion RG3 lol
9-22-2014 11:46 am EST
no worries, i have trouble logging in during the weekends.
9-8-2014 9:59 am EST
It should start at the reset later today
9-7-2014 3:52 am EST
Cheers Harsh, you put some monsters in! this should be good :)
9-5-2014 3:30 pm EST
Hey Harsh, could you put 5 of your best PG fighters in this PG only tourney please - http://mmarmy.com/tournamentview.php?tournament_id=1594
9-2-2014 2:09 pm EST
Yeah I would have customized his look better but I fought him before I realized his name.lol. Dressed him decent tho! I'll keep you updated.
9-1-2014 7:17 pm EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=1097997 There ya go Harsh. Enjoy but don't show your hard on! lol.
8-30-2014 8:36 am EST
lol that was pretty funny about the skins finishing 11-5 or 10-6, lols..
8-29-2014 9:48 pm EST
Lol, whats up my dude? Skins got some major weapons this yr, too bad they QB sucks lols.
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
8-26-2014 5:50 pm EST
Thanks for the shot man!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
8-19-2014 8:39 pm EST
Thanks dude. I'm on a roll, but you are still 70-30 against me, haha.
8-4-2014 7:50 pm EST
Hey man... go to Artic Wolfpack active roster camp and prepare to blow your world!
Big Ace
7-31-2014 7:23 am EST
Haha. Well played. They'll likely fight again at some point.
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
7-10-2014 6:42 am EST
Dude, no problem...I hit the deny button too if I don't think it's a fair fight, no worries at all
6-17-2014 3:15 pm EST
Yeah brother, it's closed for now. Three months of complete crap for recruits. Couldn't take it anymore. Lol
6-17-2014 2:43 pm EST
Lmao......yes....buddies!!! -G-row
6-14-2014 4:16 pm EST
I like the builds of some of your guys is the main point. A little more time to jack them up.
6-13-2014 11:18 pm EST
Camps looking good man. Wowzers.
6-5-2014 4:38 pm EST
Appreciate the challenges lately. Good fights, bro
Flying Armbars
5-27-2014 12:56 pm EST
i do the same noworries. i appreciate the challenges
No Surrender
5-25-2014 5:19 pm EST
Lol, had to drop that guy down so he didn't go inactive for a tourney on the forums.
5-11-2014 3:13 pm EST
at this point I think walt just likes getting fucked up maybe hes gay idk
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-21-2014 6:42 pm EST
Good to see this camp up and running!!!
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-21-2014 4:47 am EST
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
4-18-2014 10:01 pm EST
Yeah bro how bout you? I heard mkick sold it I'm excited to give it a go.
Who Knew
7-22-2013 10:55 am EST
You cursed him bro
Who Knew
7-21-2013 4:42 pm EST
His ranking is a little too high for his stats and org right now
6-21-2013 7:17 pm EST
Thanks, no I haven't. Ima give it a try tho
6-8-2013 1:08 pm EST
Yes, really!
6-7-2013 5:52 pm EST
6-5-2013 5:39 pm EST
Maybe you should have challenged. Not hold back. Step up and be counted in the mix. He may have been the only challenge at the time I could fight. Also, I have always said..."You want the belt, challenge for it."
6-5-2013 5:36 pm EST
Your welcome, Sir!
4-18-2013 4:21 pm EST
you from V.A?
Andrey Kamensky
4-12-2013 6:35 pm EST
alright, I'll switch. thanks!
2-3-2013 1:26 am EST
yea he didnt make it lol its all good though
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
1-29-2013 7:49 am EST
Anytime man
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
1-17-2013 3:19 pm EST
You could put a HW in there till someone wins the title, then move him.....lol Just don't accept it. lol
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
1-17-2013 9:27 am EST
If you have anyone that can make EFC LHW please put them there. Not enough fighters for the Auto. There are 5, but two are from the same camp.
Mister Judo
1-8-2013 4:18 pm EST
lol shit. moved my hw down so my other could get a title shot, i thought i had moved him back up so accepted ur lw challenge accidently :( i wanted to jj match ur hw lol
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
1-6-2013 2:07 pm EST
DAMMIT was hoping to see my two favorite teams next weekend. Oh well, WAR DIRTY BIRDS!!!!
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
1-2-2013 4:22 pm EST
Brother, The Falcons may be playing the Skins if they make it to the second round. I have tickets to the game. I love my Falcons, but the Redskins have always been my second.
12-31-2012 8:05 am EST
Thanks man, yeah he has his ups and downs overall good hiddens though.
Dallas Riley
Team Riley
12-16-2012 1:26 pm EST
My bad typo. Team riley*
Dallas Riley
Team Riley
12-16-2012 1:22 pm EST
Thanks man - worner
11-23-2012 2:35 pm EST
Yeah good fight
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
11-15-2012 2:21 pm EST
Well, great to hear from you man! Hope you stick around. I need another camp out there to kick my ass!!!
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
11-14-2012 3:38 am EST
Doing great bro!! Glad to hear things are well. You back???
No Surrender
8-25-2011 7:43 pm EST
holy stalker Soviet lol.
Who Knew
8-8-2011 6:18 pm EST
Man you too good not to play bro
Team 7 Eleven
7-23-2011 5:07 am EST
Whats going on bro, 7/11 back on the block. Nice to see u back and kicking ass as usual.
7-11-2011 3:55 pm EST
lol wun hes not joining TLCS, pfffft. THC ALL THE WAY!
7-8-2011 12:03 pm EST
We're all waiting for you to join back with the boys in the squad.
7-4-2011 7:27 pm EST
Any one wanting a fresh start. Or new camp wanting to grow quickly, let jid know robin hood raiders. Im hoping to bring a few people together to bond and form a tight and dedicated group who really care about each other and each others camps. ALL EQUAL. No leaders. All learning together. All important so will keep it small ish alliance _________________________
7-3-2011 6:24 pm EST
btw, check your pm's
7-3-2011 6:24 pm EST
harsh, word is if you come back to the forums the redskins are gonna win the superbowl (if football ever exists again)
6-24-2011 7:01 am EST
oh i just left you comment from my other camp, how long til things settle down? read my pm on the forums first and then decide. anyway good to see you are alive and doin well, lol.
6-22-2011 7:18 am EST
you alive??
6-15-2011 10:33 pm EST
yooo, harsh whats up bro? you feel like joinin thc? we are openin up recruiting for the wac comin up. you feel like bein part of the champs?
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
5-19-2011 10:42 am EST
Huh? I was pretty drunk last night but I'm 99% sure he didn't have any challenges.
3-29-2011 5:57 am EST
thanks man, hey keep up the good work. maybe our paths with cross again in the near future.
GFF America
3-26-2011 1:07 pm EST
Yeah, new camp Working on figuring out the dirty boxing style. Thinking a DB/GnP/? combo might work.
GFF America
3-22-2011 8:02 am EST
This is bigshow, incase you were wondering.
GFF America
3-22-2011 8:02 am EST
Hey man, TC merged with TLCS. You should come join us.
deeez nuts
the ball sack
3-21-2011 12:55 pm EST
no worries meng..shuda seen the flying subs coming..good job
3-21-2011 2:12 am EST
hey man!! damn man, seems like everyone is making a comeback all at the same time!! hit me up bro!
Agatsu Dojo
3-19-2011 11:33 pm EST
no problem
No Surrender
3-14-2011 11:10 am EST
yo harsh, hit me up on the forums
Zangy Wonkers
10-21-2010 10:08 am EST
Please check out Ninoy Yee on my roster. You may get a kick out of this character.
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
8-18-2010 3:58 pm EST
I'm just getting lucky, I swear!
Carpe Diem
8-6-2010 12:05 pm EST
Nice win. You got me good. ~ Iwao
8-5-2010 1:38 pm EST
What Happened To Your Thread In The Forums?
8-5-2010 11:19 am EST
I Just Took The Fight, Its Hardly As If I Was Gonna Win Either As Both Were Style Disadvantages Towards My Guy!
8-1-2010 5:59 am EST
defenitely got the better of me this reset. Good fights!
Carpe Diem
7-28-2010 12:26 pm EST
Thanks man. Nice camp. ~ Iwao Takimoto
7-27-2010 12:09 pm EST
Yes really.. PG scum .. =p
No Surrender
7-22-2010 6:27 am EST
congrats on 3k!
7-21-2010 8:56 pm EST
3k wins!! http://mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=3689305 Overall Record 3000-2329
7-12-2010 7:02 pm EST
was up man wat it do
6-2-2010 3:35 pm EST
Hey Harsh no worries. I leave messages on both my fighter and the challengee for title shots. This is to avoid any confusion and gives people a heads up on what to expect from my titleshots instead of them leaving challenges pending. Also in your case it lets you know incase you missed a reset that I did have a challenge sent to you but you probably missed a reset and fought someone else before the reset was over.
6-2-2010 1:45 pm EST
6-2-2010 12:11 pm EST
When you haven't fought your fighters and fighters from my camps are in the same org, please send me a challenge. I usually log on late, but I'll pretty much accept and challenge from stand up camps, and yours is one of them :)
5-18-2010 4:32 pm EST
Redskins PG vs Nutnuggery 8pts ; 2-0 tonight by SD lol dang nice job dude.
5-6-2010 4:22 pm EST
i dont thibk he could make lw being 181
5-2-2010 5:53 pm EST
damn, you snapped my streak thanks for the fight, Kent.
4-30-2010 8:00 pm EST
You need to change your name to "Shanahan prodigy".
Jesus Sanchez
4-30-2010 3:08 pm EST
your the one who was oomplaining cause i wasnt going to fight a one style guy (my guy) vs a guy who could easily switch to gnp and win no questions. thats bad coaching if i take it. you can whine all you want im scared, i call it smart becuase i look for 50/50 fights. those are the fun fights. i dont want to fight 8p i want to fight where i dont know the outcome and have fun.
David Bernstein
The Jewpit
4-30-2010 11:55 am EST
thanks man im pretty stoked on it! good luck to your camp
4-28-2010 8:54 pm EST
If you quit it wasn't b/c of guys like me. I actually just start playing again myself and I can honestly say I'm running more into guys like you constantly afraid to accept a "challenge" . So you mean to tell me if anyone has a switch that you feel will be a gurantee loss, and they challenge you, you consider that to be style poaching? lol Get real dude...again check my guys history before you ever accuse me of frowned upon game play.
4-28-2010 8:47 pm EST
Seriously stop with the excuses. You say you quit b/c of guys like me and you say I'm style poaching? How about in the 40 total fights that you accuse my fighter (Ryo Sekozawa) of style poaching I've only ever gone GnP 5 times!! Do your reserach next time before you jump the gun and start making ridiculous accusations. Ask anyone on the forums about my game play. You simply didnt want to accept the challenge b/c i had the GNP switch? lol Well last time i checked this was a strategy game also.
Jesus Sanchez
4-28-2010 4:22 pm EST
nothing to do with born dates, has to do with kalib had zero gnp background, why would i take a guarentee loss when i had a 50/50 chance against another fighter. as for being scared, go fight guys on your fighters lvl instead of style poaching to get a win. you been here long enough to know that. you are exactly why i have quit this game in the past.
4-27-2010 5:45 pm EST
2500 wins!!! Feb 2132
Elite Evolution
4-9-2010 6:55 pm EST
Great camp right here! Always a good duel.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-6-2010 4:00 pm EST
Great to have you back bro!!
3-31-2010 9:59 am EST
dude your guy got ktfo..and hell destroy him again.
3-20-2010 3:02 pm EST
#1 spot? bahaha you havnt even gotten near #100 let alone #1 haji!
10th Planet
3-20-2010 3:02 pm EST
welcome back bro. you got to check out my new camp Hells Lair.
Team 7 Eleven
3-19-2010 2:42 pm EST
Haha Welcome Back bro, you trash talking already? well since ur back now I can goto that number 1 spot.
Team 7 Eleven
10-25-2009 12:34 pm EST
yo whats good with you man? hit me up lets hit the bar next weekend..
10-23-2009 7:17 pm EST
Thanks pain tell me about it. Never recruit any LHW's in this camp at all. They seem to all run to my Harsh camp lol
10-23-2009 7:01 pm EST
props man, toughest set down!
10-21-2009 9:09 am EST
EFC SET COMPLETE!!!!!( and it came against a pesky GNP'er, http://www.mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=2860139 how SWEET) Now my Harsh conditioning camp just needs to catch up dammit lol
9-19-2009 9:51 pm EST
Glad to see we are both a Dynasty now!!!
9-2-2009 3:16 pm EST
Thanks buddy! My GnP is no steve GnP but it serves it's purpose. Got the set with this camp but no #1's yets just 3 #2's with Elijah and JFS got 2 number 1's and is 1 belt away from the EFC set. HW's still illude that camp.
8-22-2009 11:03 am EST
LMAO..You got jokes....
sick of you too
are you stupid
8-21-2009 11:23 am EST
yeh man, "The Mutt" finally got the strap...BUT, do you remember this? http://i426.photobucket.com/albums/pp349/davidandkaycie/hilariousjokes1-1.jpg
sick of you too
are you stupid
8-21-2009 10:58 am EST
then your done what? playing all together? if your tired of it why waste the time getting a few more forms of pixel pride? walk away in your prime man, Barry Sanders style!
sick of you too
are you stupid
8-21-2009 2:33 am EST
i dont see your challenges much anymore? did you get scared?
7-24-2009 3:19 am EST
Damn Harsh that was one hell of a reset for your boys. Gave a good stomping on the rabbits. I'll take that broom back when your done with it lol.
7-17-2009 7:40 pm EST
LOL Really?..My man Norcal haha...Well serves you right then lol...im playin oh well like I said since you like to talk trash maybe yall should fight in the cage..and may the best fighter win!
7-17-2009 11:00 am EST
its not a big deal to me, i went to the SB and was asking who ran Lake fighting systems cause he was due for a shot, then i said if he didnt show up id have to give it to that douche from Redskins Fed(jokingly) well NorCal went off the hook like you two were cell mates for 25 years and he had your back til the end. i got a timout :(
7-16-2009 9:15 pm EST
well...your buddy NorCal got me booted from the "Speak Box" haha...that guy needs beat with a tire iron. was he molested?
7-16-2009 8:42 pm EST
and trash talkin "The Good Dad"? come on man, the dude has 5 kids!!
7-16-2009 8:41 pm EST
i like trash talkin man, keep it up. makes things fun. but when open title shots come around, i kinda look at it differently. a good strategist is a good player at this game, and with no info as to strategy, its just lucky guesses. but our camps are running into each other more and more often. i like it.
I Chokeya
Camp Choke
7-14-2009 12:59 pm EST
you redskins are in trouble now, b/c romo just dumped jessica simpson!!
7-13-2009 8:58 pm EST
Best team in the NFC EAST>>> HAHAhahahaha Thats even more hilarious than me being a redskins fan with this avatar I have up right now! You eagles fans just keep telling yourselves that and it might actually come true, some fairy tales do come true...I think...
7-13-2009 6:37 pm EST
I hate the Cowboys, but that's damn funny!
7-13-2009 6:23 pm EST
Go jump off a bridge hec lemme know how it feels, k bro?...lol
7-13-2009 6:21 pm EST
LOL. Great Avatar bro.
7-13-2009 6:15 pm EST
You happy HEC! 1 damn week and that's it...I feel so ashamed right now :( Sorry redskins but I had to honor the bet man (to which I was careless with might I add) but still a bets a bet!!!....HEC I will have something for that ass next time!
Charles Bronson
Team MMAndom
7-9-2009 8:09 pm EST
Thanks pal, you too.
7-8-2009 8:26 pm EST
much respect man, much respect.
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
7-4-2009 3:28 pm EST
7-2-2009 11:20 am EST
haha..recession? who cares about a recession when a man is over here not able to buy cool clothes and edit his pixel warriors? dayum!
6-21-2009 7:41 pm EST
thanks for the advice
6-15-2009 8:36 pm EST
Oh I'm done lol
6-15-2009 5:42 pm EST
stfu mah haffanigapino! quit your whining! lol.
Team 7 Eleven
6-2-2009 8:06 pm EST
Damn, your camp doing good bro..
6-1-2009 8:28 pm EST
hey, was just returning the favor. you pulled that crap on me before. i see you took my advice...
408 Monster INC
5-22-2009 9:59 pm EST
Haha.....your going down, whatever team you are!!!!!!! goodluck man.
Raven 1595
The Hogs
5-21-2009 7:30 pm EST
What's up? Yeah, Die hard skin fan. GO SKINS!!!
risk revival
Hot Cross
5-13-2009 11:41 am EST
gah you're right i hate when that happens haha. great fight though! thanks for accepting. true championship MMA morals.
4-19-2009 3:01 pm EST
People starting to really irritate me with this shit so let me make this clear............I DUCK NO ONE, NOR AM I SCARED OF A CHALLENGE, AND I RUN TO THE BATTLE NOT AWAY FROM IT!!!!CAPICHE!!!!
4-17-2009 1:23 pm EST
4-16-2009 5:06 pm EST
i know you dont want to compare fighters since you had no mercy lols. Flame666, Game Rapist, Black widow, Tim, MJ, Trainers, KY Jelly, lol.. shall i keep going?
4-16-2009 4:17 am EST
and how many #1's you got? LW > MW lol sorry
4-13-2009 4:11 am EST
No Mercy my man first ever in either of my camps to reach that #1 p4p spot Oct 2068
Mr Blonde
4-10-2009 10:31 am EST
congrats on 1000 wins i just got my 1000th win about a week ago
4-10-2009 5:29 am EST
1000 wins yes!! May 2068..
4-6-2009 6:20 pm EST
First efc MW strap Sep 2067 965th win Hiroki "No Mercy" Hattori
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
4-6-2009 7:23 am EST
4-5-2009 10:55 am EST
Singed, Big D. :)
4-5-2009 10:51 am EST
Thanks man. You have a badass camp yourself.
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
4-5-2009 6:19 am EST
man it is easy kicking your ass
4-1-2009 8:42 am EST
u knew that man wasnt gonna make weight boy
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
3-31-2009 11:42 pm EST
Camps lookin' rock solid bro. I would know. You've whooped me quite a bit lately.
Mr Blonde
3-28-2009 8:33 am EST
lol thanks for the fight
3-26-2009 5:13 am EST
March 26,2009 900 wins....
big nikolai
Crash n Bash O
3-25-2009 12:21 pm EST
what you thinking today man? My guy is on a 4 win streak and his last fight was legit, check it out if you don't believe. Plus I have the second highest popularity
big nikolai
Crash n Bash O
3-24-2009 5:23 pm EST
title shot broski?
3-12-2009 5:14 pm EST
all good.
We Do Armbars
3-7-2009 5:01 am EST
Booo! Was looking forward to round 2 =/
We Do Armbars
3-5-2009 10:59 pm EST
Thanks bro! Go redskins!
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
3-5-2009 4:12 am EST
the G-Men
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
3-4-2009 1:29 pm EST
2-27-2009 6:27 am EST
Trust me when I say..."I'm not trying to insinuate anything" and I'm certainly not trying to put you or your camp down! I was curious because of your outstanding achievements being such a young camp! So...please accept my apologies if I have offended you! That was not my intentions! Still however, "Go Patriots"! :)
2-27-2009 5:11 am EST
Although a Southern Yankee, being originally from the state of Maine..."Go Patriots"! :)
2-27-2009 4:54 am EST
This has to be a second camp...NO ONE...achieves your accomplishments as fast as you have without prior knowledge? T or F ?
Deak Skin Mask
2-25-2009 3:45 pm EST
i dont thnk u rember me but a lil while bck we alrdy had this discussion
2-15-2009 7:06 pm EST
Feb 15,2009 600 wins
2-2-2009 8:05 am EST
Feb 2,2009 Redskins federation 500 wins....and we still rolling!
big nikolai
Crash n Bash O
1-27-2009 10:56 am EST
dude how did your camp get so good so fast?
1-27-2009 5:17 am EST
Jan.26,2009 Masahiro "BleedsMMA" Enoki has just retired in the redskins HOF you will be remembered as the first champion to bring redskins federation its first belt and being the most decorated in your generation.You will be missed!
Dr House
1-12-2009 11:45 am EST
i think i've been catching on, on how they score the fights. it was a good fight, i was nervous so i read the rounds before i seen the results lol, the anticipation was intense. good luck next time!
The Thriller
UFC Champs
1-10-2009 7:31 am EST
Doctor Xtreme
Doctor Xtremes CoD
1-2-2009 4:47 pm EST
Nice camp.
The Thriller
UFC Champs
12-30-2008 5:16 am EST
how did u go from havin a sucky camp.. to gettin all beasts?.. man good recrutin
Zangy Wonkers
12-24-2008 12:50 pm EST
you too brother! Merry Christmas!
12-22-2008 4:37 pm EST
nice job you forgot to auto renew your fighters contract though. no offense but i was hoping to end your undefeated streak.
Smacku Two
12-1-2008 7:12 pm EST
I'd give ya a rematch, but I have no idea which of our two fighters fought. If you figure it out, request the fight...
Team 7 Eleven
11-21-2008 5:07 am EST
Waz UPPPPPPPPP!! Nig--sian!