Last Online - Friday 28th of January 2022
Display Name Zangy Wonkers
Member Since Feb 27, 2008
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Zangy Wonkers
1-28-2022 8:03 am EST
I used to be pretty good at this game, but can rarely get a win. I guess mmarmy outgrew me. Team Genesis is retired.
12-9-2021 11:49 am EST
Awesome MK fighters, always love your designs!
11-20-2021 9:45 am EST
Your MK characters are great! Can tell there’s influence from both old and new media for them.
Zangy Wonkers
11-16-2021 10:31 am EST
Mortal Kombat!!!
11-5-2021 4:34 am EST
Genesis! Join y forum event bro
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
10-8-2021 6:57 pm EST
wb. keep up making the cool custom fighters.
9-2-2021 6:44 am EST
Nice to see an old coach return!
Bone Machine
7-15-2021 6:02 am EST
Welcome back. Great to see the tribute king making custom fighters again! Lot more options now than there were back in the day.
Zangy Wonkers
5-5-2021 7:01 am EST
Dungeons and Dragons LJN
5-4-2021 10:53 am EST
Your still remembered for your awesome pro wrestler tributes!
5-4-2021 10:53 am EST
Awesome, glad to see you back bud :)
4-16-2021 7:03 am EST
Genesis is back?! :D
4-9-2021 4:45 pm EST
Welcome Back
4-9-2021 1:13 am EST
welcome back :)
8-24-2015 5:17 am EST
would you see you come back.
3-25-2015 3:18 am EST
Please return :'(
5-5-2014 9:57 pm EST
Come back!
4-25-2013 12:44 pm EST
you can beat this ass any month
10-8-2012 9:31 am EST
Your fighters are awesome lmao
Zangy Wonkers
10-7-2012 1:11 pm EST
Zangy Wonkers
8-30-2012 4:34 am EST
Star Trek
Zangy Wonkers
8-2-2012 11:20 am EST
5-28-2012 2:01 pm EST
no problem guy. nice camp
5-24-2012 12:54 pm EST
there are a handful of homosexuals on the forum who think your mkick. you should just tell em whats up. outherwise that tride guy will just keep spammin your wall.
Who Knew
5-23-2012 5:24 pm EST
Fix the reset, close in hw weight advantages, give me power to make sure auto-challenges go out and fix them when they're broken, come on the board and show people you are still here, we know you run this camp, thank you
Zangy Wonkers
5-1-2012 4:53 am EST
Zangy Wonkers
3-15-2012 4:17 pm EST
Zangy Wonkers
2-18-2012 12:12 pm EST
Mike Tyson's Punch Out
1-21-2012 1:49 am EST
Hey Dude, I Know You Dont Go On The Forums, But I Think My Latest Idea Might Be Something That Interests You, Check It Out: http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=314959&page=1
Zangy Wonkers
12-29-2011 8:56 pm EST
Street Fighter 2
Cyborg Crush
12-13-2011 10:08 am EST
ooohhh, can you smell 10k coming?
Zangy Wonkers
11-2-2011 7:56 am EST
The Simpsons
Zangy Wonkers
9-30-2011 10:17 pm EST
Gonoreja BJJ
9-28-2011 5:10 pm EST
Early this morning When you knocked upon my door Early this morning oooooo When you knocked upon my door And I said hello Satan I believe it's time to go
Gonoreja BJJ
9-21-2011 6:47 am EST
Robert Johnson, Tommy Johnson and the Devil
Gonoreja BJJ
9-12-2011 12:28 pm EST
I went down to the crossroad fell down on my knees I went down to the crossroad fell down on my knees
KP Keough
Beast Mode
7-13-2011 5:23 pm EST
I'm assuming you haven't heard the announcement, but MKick is working on a new MMA game. It's supposed to come out in August, but we'll see if that holds true. I'll keep you updated.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
7-5-2011 5:05 pm EST
You're welcome.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
7-5-2011 6:50 am EST
Someone found it funny to come on and impersonate you. Probably this No Lube fellow.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
7-3-2011 6:30 pm EST
Are you on the forum now?
6-20-2011 6:12 pm EST
awasome legend fight !!
6-19-2011 8:56 pm EST
nice camp, very cool characters man, im doing something similar. C you around
5-29-2011 6:59 pm EST
dude... I don't remember if you have ever turned down a fight from me. I just want to say I have a lot of respect for you, for the way you have played this game over the years. send me a challenge anytime. Your always a class act!
5-20-2011 1:15 pm EST
u r correct sir....i checked it out on you tube. i watched the JYD in 1982 in houston texas. god i am old.
MoD Alliance
Merchants Of Death
5-2-2011 10:01 am EST
You need a Stone Cold but good job.
Clown Camp
4-22-2011 6:58 am EST
Well done with the characters. Well done
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
4-20-2011 4:51 am EST
Love your camp man.
Zangy Wonkers
4-9-2011 5:27 pm EST
Wrestling Greats
3-31-2011 11:36 am EST
10th Planet
3-30-2011 3:56 pm EST
how are things your way? been a while, but i always keep up on your tribute fighters!
10th Planet
3-21-2011 3:53 pm EST
hey whats up man! hope things are goo. just wanted to drop by
3-16-2011 4:44 am EST
Wrestling Legends = Win :D
No Surrender
3-14-2011 11:10 am EST
lol, whoops, was on wrong camp, hope everything is good your way though!
No Surrender
3-14-2011 11:09 am EST
yo! harsh, hit me up in the forums
3-9-2011 6:17 pm EST
Good win. You deserve the belt. -Fransico Alencar
Team Laughing Gas
2-23-2011 8:07 pm EST
Good fight. -Cuco Huerta
Zangy Wonkers
1-23-2011 6:29 am EST
1-19-2011 5:03 am EST
I See Youve Started Making Jersey Shore Characters Lol, I Was Thinking Of Doing The Same. Good Luck Pal!
1-7-2011 8:45 am EST
i m a fan of your camp, if you want dont hesitate to conctact me here or in the forum(jeyjey2912)
Vince Lynch
12-30-2010 3:21 am EST
www.mmatycoon.com/registration.php?Ref=4744 Anybody who gets along with Lance Templeton should check it out.
11-4-2010 5:24 am EST
Mortal Kombat now! Haha, you da man!
69th Planet BJJ
10-12-2010 7:23 pm EST
didn't think anyone on this games listens to blues. thats awesome.
9-29-2010 12:32 pm EST
Thats cool man, I look forward to seeing your creations.
9-21-2010 1:04 pm EST
Thanks for the comments lately man. Making "Clones" keeps this game fun and interesting for me. Always love the guys you do as well. I have been running Some tournaments in THC called the Clone Wars where every one that enters a fighter has to dress them up like whatever them I pick. So far we have Stars Wars and Pro Wrestling managers. Darth vader and Captain lou Albano each won their respective tournaments :)
9-15-2010 8:28 pm EST
Your camp gets talked about on the forums chat all the time. Everyone loves your fighters and we would all like it very much if you joined us in chat. A lot of us have been inspired by your creativity and you would be an great asset to our community. I'm sure every alliance would be chomping at the bit to get you to represent them as well. I know for sure ours (THC) would love to have you. I truly hope you'll consider hanging out with us over there. Cheers.
9-8-2010 11:22 am EST
Awesome, it's the Thundercats!
Zangy Wonkers
9-3-2010 7:21 am EST
10th Planet
8-19-2010 3:06 pm EST
yea doing pretty well, just turned 30 a few days ago lol, getting up there! but otherwise no complaints...good to hear from you, glad things are good!
10th Planet
8-18-2010 5:37 am EST
yo yo! hows it going
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
8-3-2010 11:15 pm EST
love the scooby doo clones
7-29-2010 11:02 am EST
May God make your ways prosperous in everything you do, blessed to be a blessing! I also run redskins federation too, check out some of my fighters nicks ;)
Zangy Wonkers
7-15-2010 4:04 pm EST
Scooby Doo
Zangy Wonkers
6-8-2010 8:46 pm EST
Masters of the Universe
6-5-2010 3:27 pm EST
Hopefully we get to fight for the belt next reset for the belt.. Wish i hadnt fought this one
6-4-2010 5:18 pm EST
Going to give you a shot..
5-11-2010 12:26 pm EST
Ahaha, it is definitely from Strange Brew...lol We definitely have the same sense of humor, but one thing I have never done is used the same theme for my entire camp. I always try and do something to match the name, but you have inspired me now. I am going for a camp theme next...lol I play one other game where my entire camp is Marvel, I think I am going to do that next...lol
5-11-2010 6:00 am EST
Haha, after i commented on your man at arms guy i noticed that all of your guys were Masters of the Universe...lol Thats badass. Thats old school right thuur...lol You have ALWAYS been one of my favorite camps hands down. If you ever wanna join an alliance let me know, I am in the Drunken Bums...lol If not its cool we will just keep talking here. I remember the DC comics that was awesome...Hawkman, Firestorm, Cap Atom...lol We gotta do Marvel next!
5-10-2010 4:58 pm EST
Are you on the forums bro?
Zangy Wonkers
4-25-2010 6:28 pm EST
Greek Mythological Pantheon
3-23-2010 1:23 pm EST
http://i250.photobucket.com/albums/gg242/foulone/attack_dogs_prisons.jpg that's the offensive avatar.
10th Planet
3-23-2010 10:48 am EST
whats up bro... camp looking good man, been keeping an eye on it.
Not Too Tough
Not Too Tough
2-5-2010 5:36 am EST
wOW! great job. the team is strong seeeyou soon.
2-3-2010 5:42 am EST
It's about time I start coming up with some wins against you. You have a shit load of LWs lol.
2-1-2010 3:26 am EST
im just tryin to look out for you, man ,because there was many instances where you couldve easily KO'd a pure GNPer with the strength/wrestling stats you got (by using SiO)
1-1-2010 4:15 pm EST
Nice. I'm at GW University
1-1-2010 4:15 pm EST
Nice. I'm at GW University
12-31-2009 6:08 pm EST
Thsts cool that you're from DC. Where in DC?
12-31-2009 3:41 pm EST
I love your roster man bravo!!!
Big T Plays
12-30-2009 4:04 am EST
robert johnson = god.
10th Planet
12-27-2009 8:17 am EST
stopping by checking out the team...wonder women is to funny! also, you should check out the KoK tourney on the forum, its all the best of the best going at it...and you definetly have some legends in your stable! happy new year bro!
12-8-2009 6:57 am EST
Haha this may be my favorite camp of all-time now! I never realized all of your dudes were dc comics guys...Love it!
No Surrender
11-18-2009 2:11 pm EST
congrats on the EFC HW title man!
11-16-2009 4:07 pm EST
i beat robin , batman and superman .... got any other super hero i can fight ... :) p.s I got razor ramone :P
10th Planet
11-7-2009 2:51 pm EST
things are def. on the up and up! just hit 2k wins, and got my 3rd EFC weight...how bout you, camp is still looking strong as usual!
Wiked Deuce Black Cats
Wiked Deuce Black Cats
11-6-2009 9:32 pm EST
no worries on all the challenges. i usually prefer getting challenges, makes it easier for me. And i will pretty much always accept a challenge, unless it is a horrible match up or something, but i would rather a bad match up than my guy not getting a fight. so always feel free to challenge my camp and your pretty much guaranteed a fight.
10th Planet
11-2-2009 5:41 am EST
thanks for challenges this am. sorry a couple my dudes are fat!
Ricky Suarez
Fire Kingdom
10-26-2009 9:19 pm EST
its okman sometimes i do the same...he was just a guy I'd recruited a few days ago so...4star JJ scared him to death... tap
10th Planet
10-8-2009 2:48 pm EST
looking forward to some more battles! been way to long!
Shawn Smith
Team Superdudes
9-29-2009 3:59 pm EST
Of course, man. You had a good streak in GEC, so I wanted to test my guy. - Dylan King
9-22-2009 6:00 pm EST
You just threw your whole camp at me! haha, that was hilarious:) Thanks for the fight. Bruce
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
9-15-2009 7:38 am EST
Hey I completely understand the belt collecting thing... currently doing that myself.. but with four stars JJ.. I'd be collecting the EFC belts... LOL No worries though... I was just really surprised to see 4 star JJ in Ring rage!!
9-3-2009 5:56 pm EST
Do you have any interest in joining an alliance on the forum?
8-27-2009 4:37 pm EST
Go to the forum and PM me, my name is: Mr. Wunderfull
8-26-2009 4:21 pm EST
Are you on the forum?
8-24-2009 10:26 am EST
sweet...i have family along the coast, NY, maryland, then country folk in WV and TN
8-23-2009 5:16 pm EST
oh i dont know bout running it..getting better but far from the top of anything..appreciate the words though. oh i wrote on fighters page that im from vegas yes...where you at??
8-22-2009 1:35 pm EST
just saw the other EFC title...congrats! and congats on 3000! im running Gracie Whohitsu half and half now also, be gunning for your top guys soon!! lol
10th Planet
8-12-2009 1:35 pm EST
same over here, 1 reset im going 13-4, next its like 4-13..lol, but agree something to do during work! killing time....
10th Planet
8-11-2009 8:59 am EST
just stopping by to say whats up...hows the camp going?
7-28-2009 5:36 pm EST
hey ... how do you get past 3 stars ... is there a trick .. because i can NEVER get more than 3 star on anythingg
7-28-2009 6:11 am EST
i hear ya! well keep it up man...you ever change your mind let me know..go get that EFC !
7-27-2009 5:38 am EST
well you have to get on the forum and register...and then its camps that are in a group together, like this weekend theres a big tourney, and so the alliance puts there best fighters for each weight class and we all fight it out..just adds another fun element to the game.
7-26-2009 8:02 am EST
hey man..was wondering if you might want to join an alliance?? got a great camp, and would be a great addition! teshore
10th Planet
7-21-2009 7:43 am EST
just wanted to say congrats to your camp and cody "the crotch", we had some great battles..foster and him, glad they both got the strap! congrats on the camps first EFC title too!
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
4-25-2009 3:38 pm EST
thought since u have a great team u would be on the fourms
Tyler Kehoe
Sharks Tank
4-24-2009 12:12 pm EST
do u go on the fourms
4-7-2009 10:15 am EST
I accept and thanks. peace. GL with your camp man. btw im 21.
Team Last Place
3-13-2009 9:49 pm EST
Anytime I have a title and you want a shot it is all yours.
Team Last Place
3-5-2009 7:41 am EST
nice call on the retiring, at least he went out with a belt, but 42 was pretty old
Team Last Place
3-4-2009 10:10 pm EST
Good Luck to you also.
Wayne oconnel
Sprawl or Brawl CB
1-2-2009 8:14 pm EST
all u gotta do is accept man good luck!@