Camp NumberOne

Last Online - Monday 4th of September 2023
Display Name A.H.K.
Member Since Jun 25, 2012
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 4703-4335


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NorthernLights Out
4-24-2020 6:09 pm EST
Welcome Back!
Jiddy English
Jiddys Secret Service
7-2-2017 7:34 am EST
Stop being jelly
Jiddy English
Jiddys Secret Service
7-2-2017 7:16 am EST
lol dopey cunt
6-27-2017 3:52 pm EST
Brawling, Boxing, Strength, Speed
7-19-2015 10:07 am EST
Torres is fight 2 vs dba
6-25-2015 6:22 pm EST
Torres is fighting next , fight posted bro
6-25-2015 12:32 pm EST
Mate your fighting second in round 2. If you win we go 2-0 2-0 up.....so no pressure lol
6-21-2015 3:52 pm EST
We need a legend fighter of yours in the big alliance tournement mate . Pm me asap please
Armed Assault
6-21-2015 12:21 pm EST
Hey, can you stop by the Alliance forums today? Thanks.
Welsh Warriors
6-5-2015 7:20 am EST
Real life stuff mate, moved from Wales to England and started a new life. What alliance you in these days?
Welsh Warriors
6-5-2015 4:02 am EST
Long time no see mate.....how are you doing these days? I just comeback after 1 year out...lots of changes!
9-5-2014 3:33 pm EST
Gonna send some legend fights to Ale "Number 4" Torres later today if that's ok, i remember him being a beast a few years back. It will be good to see your best vs my new monster legend if you're up for it.
7-10-2014 10:58 pm EST
Reintroduce yourself, things have changed a bit in there since you last played
7-10-2014 10:57 pm EST
added you, try logging in
7-10-2014 10:53 pm EST
chaos crew now
Who Knew
9-1-2013 4:56 pm EST
It happens, they can completely go to shit
Conor McGregor
SBG Straight Blast Gym
8-26-2013 4:12 am EST
ok lets have a go for the belt
Who Knew
8-7-2013 4:25 am EST
I don't have any Glory belts bro
Who Knew
8-7-2013 4:12 am EST
Why didn't you give him time to accept? You were tripping bro.
Who Knew
8-7-2013 4:04 am EST
You were the obvious number one and he would have accepted when he actually got online. If the guy with the belt doesn't get on today, Ima be hot bro. I know B33r fights.
Who Knew
8-7-2013 3:57 am EST
Who Knew
8-7-2013 3:53 am EST
Yes and I am and he has an auto-refresher and he was not online at the time, lol
Who Knew
8-6-2013 5:02 pm EST
yea, at least he's making you decent money right now
8-5-2013 5:19 am EST
You are a tru champ! Thanks for the fight.
8-2-2013 5:09 am EST
Thanks for all of the fights lately man
Welsh Warriors
8-1-2013 11:40 am EST
Hi bro how you doing? Not seen you on the forum much, you gonna get a guy in the TUF event? Closing entries soon!
Who Knew
7-25-2013 4:05 am EST
I've never seen you around.
Who Knew
7-24-2013 9:00 pm EST
Who are you on the forums?
7-18-2013 4:50 am EST
Ah looks like PtP did not trouble me this time but Turbo will be retiring soon
7-15-2013 4:27 am EST
gutted bro unlucky, still made it to efc
7-8-2013 4:13 pm EST
You have a great camp bro, thanks for the fights. Never duck anyone
6-30-2013 4:17 pm EST
Maybe, but a win is awin . Cheers
6-25-2013 6:29 pm EST
thats awesome bro! your guy has some hidden stats!
MMA Kumpula
6-13-2013 6:39 am EST
lol, maybe you shouldnt care so much.
6-11-2013 10:04 am EST
Of course I will mate. Just pm me your new forum log in and il sort it out
2-14-2013 2:51 pm EST
I invite ***Ale "Number 4" Torres*** AND ***Ryan "The Tasmanian Supers" Ryan*** to participate in my upcoming tournament ***Punishing Pace***
12-10-2012 1:40 pm EST
hes working on his switch right now :)
11-18-2012 11:26 pm EST
Yeah if you set up the camp from the start is always a lot easier. I got my Old UK Dragons camp running again with PG/PL for something easy to train and different.
10-16-2012 9:56 pm EST
MW Delirium and LHW Strikefest we are after now bro.
9-17-2012 1:44 pm EST
I noticed they did help the tattoos stand out. Ha! Your camp is coming along great, bro. I'm jealous of your quick success in the higher levels. I've been at this for four months now and haven't been able to snatch an EFC belt despite numerous attempts. >.
Sub N Tug FC
9-7-2012 7:39 pm EST
what does an alliance do for me and what do i gotta do for it?
Sub N Tug FC
9-7-2012 6:11 pm EST
i dont really know what that is. i jus found this game on sherdog.
Sub N Tug FC
9-7-2012 11:06 am EST
thanks for the fight also, its ok i knew i would lose as soon as i faced a bettter camp.i just need money, plus idk when to go gnp and when to go snb.
Welsh Warriors
9-3-2012 10:05 pm EST
Not yet bro lost my last few fights! Keep up the good work!
Mister Judo
8-28-2012 5:04 pm EST
r u in an alliance?
Mister Judo
8-28-2012 6:36 am EST
maybe. nice camp. r u on the forums?
7-26-2012 11:59 pm EST
send me a challange next time, i dont send title shots unless its glory and up.
7-24-2012 4:22 pm EST
That's cool bro that's the name of the game!! Number 1 will be decided today!! Lol :)