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Last Online - Thursday 11th of July 2013
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Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
7-22-2010 8:04 pm EST
But definitely check out "Sadbutrue's and Blazea's Guide to MMArmy" in the Help section of the forum. It will give you an idea of what you need to train for what styles and what styles are weak/strong against other styles. Feel free to ask questions on the forum. Most of those guys are good guys and will be able to help you out. Good Luck man.
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
7-22-2010 8:03 pm EST
Well some people go about their camp differently. Some people like to focus their camp to one main style. Others like to mix it up and use different styles. My camp is predominately GnP and PG. I have the occasional PL fighter and the occasional Counter Strike guy. But if you stick to one or two styles it is easier to keep your stats up. Whatever you decide to do is your choice. But MMArtist is definitely a dead style.
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
7-21-2010 7:56 pm EST
I notice you using MMArtist as a style. That is a bad style all around. You should take a peek at the Forums and check out the guide.
7-2-2010 11:44 am EST
where are you from?
6-23-2010 8:49 am EST
Grimes Iowa a suburb outside of DesMoines
4-16-2010 6:17 pm EST
ok Ill take the rematch if you win -Ron Nelson