Team Vegas

Last Online - Saturday 7th of August 2021
Display Name Budgellism
Member Since Jan 31, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 11503-8682


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7-22-2021 3:25 am EST
youre back budge?!
10-3-2019 5:18 am EST
Still active budge?
4-16-2019 12:07 pm EST
We could really use you in DBA. Been asking for years. How about it? :)
Chits Crew
2-28-2019 7:41 pm EST
Come to DBA... we need experienced coaches.
2-9-2019 5:53 am EST
hows it going budge? still active?
1-19-2019 12:29 am EST
Forums are a much better place now, pretty much all the egos have gone, you were an asset to RB back in the day so would be a bigger asset to another alliance now, but that’s cool if you wanna stay off them, a lot of people find the forums arent for them
1-18-2019 3:11 pm EST
Ok Ok,I will try again in a couple months...lol
1-14-2019 3:21 pm EST
Your camp one Top Non Forum Camp of 2018.Conrats bud...now come to GC.I'm gonna keep bugging ya until you arrive....lol but seriously nice job.
1-8-2019 11:33 am EST
you not on the forums bud? ill be voting for you for non-forum camp, you should check it out tho, will help with the new styles and stuff
12-31-2018 4:16 pm EST
That is kinda cool.Our new alliance event season is about the begin,so if you change your mind about joining an alliance,let me know.I would still like to invite ya to try my alliance for a month or so to see how you would like it,but if not thats still ok.You have a good news years...be safe.
12-27-2018 3:30 pm EST
Im voting for your camp in our forum awards for 2018 for top non forum camp of 2018.Thought you should know how your camp is viewed by our forum coaches.
12-15-2018 5:56 pm EST
Fair enough,figured I'd extend the invite.Hit me up when your ready.See ya around man.
12-15-2018 5:22 pm EST
Always a pleasure fighting your guys.Great camp.
12-11-2018 4:48 pm EST
Hey Budge,you interested in an alliance?
8-23-2018 6:11 am EST
Come join us in the DBA Compound.
7-21-2018 12:48 am EST
You going to take the shot or what?
7-10-2018 11:53 am EST
yeh same old haha, been a while! hows your camp going?
7-7-2018 12:26 pm EST
Hows it going Budge my old pal?
6-11-2018 7:49 am EST
Hey - FYI we just signed Chubby and would love to add you to DBA as well. The two of you would lead our revival :) Let me know what you think.
5-17-2018 6:00 am EST
I respect that, but please let me know if you change your mind. We could really use a cool vet of the game. You would be a key piece in our revival. Hopefully you give it some thought. If not I understand and all the best buddy.
5-16-2018 10:03 am EST
Hi any chance you would like to join the DBA alliance. We are one of the original alliances and have been around for years. Ouyr roster has gone through some turnover as of late and could use and active player. Let me know please and thanks!
Brutal Intent
4-25-2018 11:09 am EST
Let me know if you'd like to join up with Fist O'Clock Sharp. Gorilla and myself along with ATTBoxer. We're doing big things.
Gorilla Brown
Iceberg Wellness
4-19-2018 8:59 pm EST
I got Wall & Stall at: Greco-Roman Wrestling Balance Strength Fortitude
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
4-17-2018 7:00 pm EST
hey - u on the forums? it adds a new dimension to the game. great camp btw.
4-14-2018 3:37 am EST
Maybe some other time. Good luck with your future fighters.
4-13-2018 5:42 am EST
Sure would like to see you as in Drunken Bum Alliance. If you are interested please let me know.
1-27-2018 8:22 am EST
yeh for sure, so much great new stuff :D you been on the forums?
1-27-2018 6:51 am EST
good to see you back bud :D
9-15-2015 9:18 am EST
9-11-2015 7:32 pm EST
Welcome back dude. Been a long time.
Sticky Green MMA
3-6-2014 8:09 am EST
I see 2 recruits. Hope that means your back Budge!
Mister Judo
4-21-2013 6:32 am EST
stop in the forums budge
3-27-2013 8:41 pm EST
Just noticed you're back. Welcome back dude.
Mister Judo
3-11-2013 7:56 pm EST
ya its refreshing lol
Mister Judo
3-10-2013 5:52 pm EST
not like b4, mkicks back with empty promises though so its picking up slightly if u can believe that
Mister Judo
3-8-2013 6:14 am EST
welcome back! :)
5-22-2012 6:50 pm EST
Budge. I gotta turn in the G4G rosters tomorrow PM. I see a LW of yours is in Glory. If you can compete in this let me know and if you have some more guys that can post in the thread in our sub forum. If you are busy i understand but if not we need your tap out skills!
420 Fight Club
4-20-2012 8:00 pm EST
Hey Budge, if you are online in the next 12 hours hit up the subforum. There is an alliance comp getting ready to start and we need a roster submitted by tomorrows pm reset. I see you got 1 dude with enough pop to get to EFC so if you can commit to it, we may be able to use him.
Chaos Crew
Chaos Crew
2-6-2012 4:43 pm EST
Your camp is killing me today :L good fights man, anth
2-5-2012 1:42 pm EST
Good luck to you too old friend, always liked you and your camp. Your a gentleman. Respect bro !!!
Mister Judo
2-4-2012 9:01 am EST
sign ur guy to leap an whoop some wdoa bum cheeks
420 Fight Club
1-20-2012 12:26 pm EST
hey budge, check the forums. Your GOAT's are needed.
1-9-2012 12:45 pm EST
Congrats. Nice finish
Dr House
12-9-2011 9:18 am EST
Well clearly you didn't look at his record, and I was #1 in the org had 2 wins over top comp finishing both, he had a 4 fight win streak with 2 being the same person. its not justification of an arguement, its stating facts, the only person arguing is you, like I said before it was your decision not mine, all I was saying was I was higher ranked then both of you and on a win streak against 2 top 10 (in the org) opponents, what's there to argue?
UK Dragons
10-28-2011 6:09 am EST
we are doing fine bud hop you become more active again buddy
scott cooley
9-24-2011 11:31 am EST
go check out my thread on our forum please. need your help
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
9-6-2011 6:00 am EST
no worries bro. I dont get that upset about that kind of stuff. I did get my shot. Won it and lost it this morning.
9-4-2011 5:23 pm EST
just a couple more wins and we can save face. cmon man! im counting on you
8-1-2011 1:06 am EST
thx mate, yes the alliance is going great, we have 18 coaches and have just held our first torny
7-26-2011 10:42 am EST
Thx for your kind words. The alliance is great .as is team Vegas
Lyle Humphreys
Stand Up Camp
7-13-2011 3:14 pm EST
mmatycoon.com is better than this game
Lyle Humphreys
Stand Up Camp
7-13-2011 3:14 pm EST
mmatycoon.com is better than this game
6-18-2011 8:20 am EST
Ya, it becomes very addicting, just wondering though, what are alliances. I'm not sure how they work.
6-18-2011 8:19 am EST
Ya, the guy is good. Ho much difference does the weight make, like you said he is 154 pounds, how big of a disadvantage is that to a LW fighting who weighs around 170-175 pounds?
6-16-2011 9:59 pm EST
oh alright, didn't see your camp on the official roster. anyway solid looking camp and good luck. get back to me if you are ever a FA in the future.
6-16-2011 9:09 pm EST
you on the forums? im with THC alliance and were opening up recruiting due to the upcoming major tourneys going on. we are the winner of the last few major events and were looking to round out our roster with some solid recruits. pm me @ soviet on the forums if you are interested.
Welsh Warriors
6-10-2011 4:37 am EST
I see our help has got Pride of Britain a few title's now - thanks for the cool comments
6-5-2011 5:12 pm EST
Good jon on getting one of your fighters to #3 in the world. How big of a win streak did you have to go on to get that high?
6-5-2011 5:12 pm EST
Good jon on getting one of your fighters to #3 in the world. How big of a win streak did you have to go on to get that high?
6-5-2011 5:11 pm EST
Do you know him aswell? Whats this drunken bastard thing all about lol
6-5-2011 5:11 pm EST
Ya, well he helped me out a few days ago when he realised that it took me a year to win my first title lol. But I've got the hang of it now. Once the first tite came another couple came straight afterwards. Just annoying when ya have to give it up once his contract ends.
6-5-2011 4:34 pm EST
Great camp man.
MoD Alliance
Merchants Of Death
5-27-2011 1:08 pm EST
this guys shouldnt be in efc but he's awesome as an under dog lol
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
5-23-2011 5:59 pm EST
Hey man great fight. Damn that was close. - aXEMAN
5-8-2011 5:06 pm EST
Sorry, I try to keep track of rejected challenges, I understand completely.
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
4-23-2011 7:08 pm EST
Nice One. Axeman, MOD
scott cooley
4-14-2011 6:12 pm EST
warrens a punk....release the old dba pillowbiters....a jar of metamusil and and an episode of dr. phil and POOF theyre asleep and shitting in their depends. i betcha he reads this and comments before you know it.
Team Vegas
4-10-2011 5:19 pm EST
Restricting for kindness Warren? You really are an old bag aren't you?
4-10-2011 4:41 pm EST
Ok, I know I am great and I am glad that you know it too. Now I could release the DBA dogs upon your camp page and fuck you up. No...it is easier to restrict a fool and move on. There...done.
4-10-2011 2:54 pm EST
4-9-2011 12:29 am EST | Restrict | Delete I heard mmarmy only reset when you want it to. You are truly the god of mmarmy. Please teach me your wonderful ways. ~~~ Although I'm not the god of MMArmy nor even the second in command I do wheeled a pretty big stick.
4-10-2011 2:52 pm EST
4-9-2011 12:27 am EST | Restrict | Delete Where can I get your picture? It's so original and fun. ~~~ Send $10.00 and a post paid envelope to ... PM me and I'll give you the address.
4-10-2011 6:33 am EST
4-9-2011 12:27 am EST | Restrict | Delete I bet your lovely southern accent is why people love you so much. Your fighters are all so amazing and awesome, I envy your camp in every way. ~~~ Sorry, no Southern accent, I'm from the north. Yes, people do love me a lot because I am so awesome. I do have some pretty good fighters and you should envy me because I am a walking wonder on planet Earth.
4-10-2011 6:24 am EST
4-9-2011 12:26 am EST | Restrict | Delete You're not only wise, and not at all wrinkly but you're also pretty cute for an old man. Keep up the good work. ~~~ I take my diet seriously.
4-10-2011 6:24 am EST
4-9-2011 12:26 am EST | Restrict | Delete You're not only wise, and not at all wrinkly but you're also pretty cute for an old man. Keep up the good work. ~~~ I take my diet seriously.
scott cooley
3-31-2011 7:45 pm EST
Karates Best
3-31-2011 6:58 pm EST
haha thanks for understand bro :)
Karates Best
3-31-2011 1:06 pm EST
bro it was a joke, take it easyyy alright, im not looking for no trouble now
3-25-2011 7:48 pm EST
Fuck FS! ;)
Flying Armbars
3-20-2011 7:15 pm EST
ok man awesome, il pm u in the forums and we'll go from ther
Flying Armbars
3-20-2011 5:59 pm EST
it looks like u were a solid pg camp in ur prime, stick to ur roots :P. do u have a forum username? if so id personally like to have u join my alliance. if ur interested msg me an il give u more details. gl man :)
Flying Armbars
3-20-2011 4:52 pm EST
nice win in the rubber match man, r u in an alliance?
3-17-2011 12:14 pm EST
How do you know? My wrestling isnt so great?
2-14-2011 11:36 am EST
you back to playing? you from vegas? i live in las vegas
Team Vegas
2-11-2010 1:05 pm EST
Someone send me a legend challenge. I'd love to see one of my old guys fight again.
Steve Mazzagatti
Porn Stars
8-1-2008 3:48 pm EST
Lets have a rubber match, it is my last fight on my contract, i am hoping to move up to the EFC.
jersey devils
6-11-2008 9:29 pm EST
Thanks for the props on Chad Hart. I'm glad you got the belt. Like I've said before it's a huge accomplishment winning at 154.
6-7-2008 9:41 pm EST
6-4-2008 6:21 pm EST
title fight waitin for ya all u gotta do is accept
5-23-2008 10:49 pm EST
It's Vitor Belfort in his first pro fight.
5-21-2008 2:57 pm EST
Thanks bro
No Surrender
5-21-2008 2:57 pm EST
Thank you!
Mr Heavyweight
The Heavyweights
5-18-2008 4:00 am EST
Thanks for writing in. Hade Wood has been blessed with longevity, as not many have been able to damage him in the ring. He plans on being the #1 LW in the world for a few more years. -Yours truly, Hade
Master TSD
TSD Elite
5-15-2008 8:52 am EST
Thanks - Mills is bound to snatch one sooner or later.
Master TSD
TSD Elite
5-13-2008 9:37 am EST
Thanks - my team and Jamie finally scored a title (Ring Rage) so I'm pleased with that. I'm sure our guys will fight it out again.
Travis Kosina
Beast Status
5-10-2008 9:54 am EST
Still no meaningful belts? Keep winning those belts no one cares about.
Team Vegas
5-9-2008 4:27 am EST
1000 wins. Nice:)
5-7-2008 5:03 pm EST
anytime man a tru fighter respect
5-7-2008 3:32 pm EST
great fight man
Rob Saxon Ryan
5-4-2008 3:20 pm EST
Thanks, you seem to be doing quite well yourself. Keep up the good work.
Rob Saxon Ryan
5-4-2008 1:44 pm EST
Team Vegas
4-21-2008 4:33 pm EST
800 wins, nice.
4-18-2008 10:43 pm EST
hes a beast
4-18-2008 10:43 pm EST
its all good just not at that level
Mitchell Bade
4-17-2008 3:34 pm EST
Thanks i think im gonna have to go back and change some things with Ben Turner some style changes an stuff like that
4-4-2008 2:42 pm EST
My Boxing Equipment is the 500,000 equipment. My guys got to 3.25 stars on the 50,000 stuff and only since have jumped to 3.75 with the 500,000 but there were alot of training sessions to get them that .5 star. I also have a few other guys who all have amazing Boxing and JJ I basically decided to get the 2 most familiar styles that have a couple options each and make my camp sick for those types haven't decided what else to do now though...Any suggestions? Thanks for the compliment tho bro
Michael Zhan
4-2-2008 7:35 pm EST
Just so you know, American Bulldogs manages that WW champ of Sport Logo and he will never give your guy a shot at the belt. Notice how he defended against a couple of #20,000 super cans in his title defenses recently? My fighter George Thompson was in the same situation when he was last in Sport Logo and he was denied a title shot even as top contender. So, let's just fight each other to see who is top contender for fun as he will never fight you while he has the belt
Beer Devil
Local Heroes
4-1-2008 7:39 am EST
it was a good fight mate :)
3-30-2008 4:11 pm EST
Man thats horrible news! Big Money was a Legend here @ mmaarmy ! Im glad i atleast got the oppurtunity to throwdown with him twice. Im sure your camp will produce more LW's that can go to war with me ! - St Pierre
Team Vegas
3-28-2008 1:26 pm EST
Broke 500 wins, sick