The Glam Squad

Last Online - Sunday 7th of April 2024
Display Name Kimi
Member Since Sep 17, 2016
Active Record 0-1
Overall Record 3409-4219


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2-21-2024 7:36 am EST
what sort of insult is that... coming from a person who cant understand weight-cut system.. Best go play with your lego
2-10-2024 8:53 am EST
Dude do you understand this game or are you a bit stupid? stop adding hws to lighter divs every box is worth 7lb cut ie desiire
Who Knew
4-15-2020 7:47 pm EST
Not going to spam your walls, I am very aware of what you are doing. It is to stop immediately bro. The owner will be notified if it continues.
Sebastian Takahashi
American Nickle Chips Aca
6-7-2018 6:45 pm EST
Nice job taking the belt, Good Fight.
Jeremy Carlson
Pacifica Sportfighting
8-31-2017 8:10 pm EST
Good fight mate! That was an ugly first round for me, the 2nd could have gone either way and I'd say I took the third. Will give a rematch if wanted! -The Dapper Man