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The Godfather
859 Academy
7-23-2014 7:06 pm EST
Right on, I associate the heads up bud
The Godfather
859 Academy
7-23-2014 5:28 pm EST
We first talked over a title shot I didn't give his guy, then I guess he took the block off of me.
The Godfather
859 Academy
7-23-2014 5:14 pm EST
Interesting, thanks for the heads up. I always look into guys records and styles they fight etc. But typically only when i have title shots to give.
Kamogawa Gym
7-23-2014 3:08 pm EST
dude. you were already on my blocklist. along with your butt buddy Targaryean MMA. you guys are clowns, running around shouting DUCK DUCK DUCK when I wasn't sent any challenges. you guys need to calm down. it's a game, jesus. I could seriously care less if you granted me a shot or not, lol. anyways, you guys are back on my blocklist. lates.
5-29-2014 7:42 am EST
Watch out for the evil robot uses. Just ask Rufus if you have questions, that dude knows everything. Oh yeah, Ted, DONT FORGET TO WIND YOUR WATCH!
3-30-2014 6:49 am EST
Keep those Wyld Stallions ready. We shall meet again, of that I am sure. Hyeah!
Mister Judo
3-25-2014 5:17 am EST
np. ur always a good opponent in all of ur camps
3-17-2014 5:12 pm EST
Love this camp! Bill & Ted own!!