Tosya Semyonov - Stats

Org    -
Popularity Mainstream Star
Camp Red Heat
Record 66-35    
KO Win % 6
Sub Win % 38
Division MW Weight 213 lbs
Age 530 Born Oct 2350
Years Pro 931 Recruit Date Dec 1949
Rank - Highest Rank #1
Retirement Rank -
Fight IQ Desire
Aggression Patience
Wrestling Conditioning
Catch Wrestling Strength
Sambo Footwork
Jiu Jitsu Speed
Judo Agility
Greco-Roman Flexibility
Boxing Balance
Karate Reflex
Taekwondo Rhythm
Muay Thai Coordination
Brawling Focus
Kickboxing Fortitude
You do not have any legend fight tokens. In order to challenge this fighter to a legend fight, you must purchase at least one.
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7-4-2014 6:52 am EST
Finally beat this guy. Thanks for the shot
7-2-2014 11:54 am EST
same to you, your guy slightly outstats mine, but you you never know ;)
7-2-2014 8:51 am EST
yea i never even sure checked that, lazy. sure thing dude
7-2-2014 4:38 am EST
No title shot?
6-27-2014 7:19 pm EST
Wasnt able to log on until about an hour before reset and no one had sent me a challenge. Sent out a challenge to the most deserving guy still able to fight in hopes it would be accepted before the reset. It wasnt. Was acceptes right at the start of of this reset.
6-25-2014 8:41 am EST
Great battles with these two guys. Congrats again.
6-24-2014 11:32 pm EST
Nice win!
Heart FC
6-22-2014 2:51 pm EST
Thanks for the shot. Your camp turns out some beasts. I haven't had guys get subbed so much by a particular camp since I started playing.
6-22-2014 1:55 pm EST
Thanks for the shot dude, I'm pretty much reaching these days with styles against this type of fighter lol.
5-26-2014 7:44 pm EST
thanks for the shot
Flying Armbars
5-19-2014 12:00 pm EST
NOPE im back to ducking! jk i sent yesterday because he was the only 1 with wins who ddnt fight, he accepted it this morning