Samurai Ninjutsu

Last Online - Tuesday 21st of May 2019
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Member Since Jul 15, 2010
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2-3-2014 3:06 pm EST
awesome avatar bd
2-1-2014 3:01 am EST
Nice camp. Off to a hell of a start! Congrats!
Pork Hunt
1-15-2014 3:34 pm EST
lol. You DONT incubate? So pathetic. Thats why you're butt hurt. haha
Sticky Green MMA
7-30-2012 10:55 am EST
Suck my balls Nancy.
Mister Judo
5-13-2012 3:16 am EST
Lol funny stuff. Keep the gimmick
5-11-2012 6:05 pm EST
Will do thanks for the help man
5-11-2012 3:26 pm EST
What exactly is an alliance? Im still kinda new here and I appreciate the help man
Free Flow
Like Water
5-7-2012 2:03 pm EST
Haha, thanks! I'm not sure what he was talking about anyways..
4-23-2011 4:37 am EST
Are you interested in joining an alliance?
3-14-2011 1:56 pm EST
Hey man, i've seen you got some nice FF. Im thinking about going the same path. Do you have any hints for me? About styles, i mean. I know its good versus PL, but is there anything else to know about it? I also know that the CD switch is good against PtP. Would be very gratefull for your help
Team Laughing Gas
3-4-2011 6:32 pm EST
You made quick work of me. Nice fight! -Sammy Miller
Camp Connect
2-21-2011 9:13 am EST
Camp Connect
1-11-2011 5:08 pm EST
k thnx awsome FF fight u have
Rampage Gang
11-25-2010 6:20 pm EST
Will u fight Brett "Liberty" Bell?