Last Online - Sunday 5th of September 2010
Display Name Jake Galloway
Member Since Jun 9, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 76-99


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Jon the Big O Oneill
UKz Elite Force
6-26-2010 8:09 am EST
thanks for the offer but got no money for credits sorry maybe next time
6-26-2010 12:16 am EST
I would luv to man but im not gonna have money to buy credits but thanks for the invite an honor really!!! Much Respect
6-24-2010 6:47 pm EST
thanks for the offer jake but i dont have the money to put into the game right now maybe next time.
Mister Judo
6-24-2010 7:45 am EST
hi jake ty 4 the offer. unfortunitley im saving for college so i dont have money to spare on this game. im very compliemented by your invite, but im gonna have to sit this 1 out. ty and gl vvith the game