Rusty Fish Hooks

Last Online - Thursday 31st of December 2015
Display Name Hazard
Member Since Jan 4, 2010
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The Robj23
1-9-2016 8:03 pm EST
anytime man
The Robj23
12-28-2015 11:26 pm EST
good scraps man
Mister Judo
12-27-2015 5:29 am EST
I hate it lol. Especially via mobile
12-19-2015 7:03 am EST
thanks for the legend challenges! sorry they had to get KO'ed though :P
12-16-2015 11:17 pm EST
hey can u tell me what is your forum name so i can ask u few questions ?
10-22-2013 6:18 pm EST
Whoa...I beat you twice in one day...what up...hell freezing over?
10-19-2013 4:27 am EST
Good battles bro!
Mma 4 Ever
10-4-2013 5:48 am EST
thanks for the comment as being an honorable camp easy
Lake Fighting Systems
10-3-2013 7:25 am EST
Yeah, it's kind of sad there aren't many of us left
9-24-2013 1:56 pm EST
when i recruited him he already had his insane footwork stats. figured it couldn't hurt to have for a gnp/snb camp.
Lake Fighting Systems
8-29-2013 8:57 am EST
How's it going man, long time no see
8-26-2013 10:00 pm EST
Honorable Camps GSP Nuthuggery Ampedupp Team Werewolf UWF Animal Crew Wham Bam and Warriors only Hell Monkey Rob The Reaper Spidell jersey devils Who Knew Soliz Jr Vale Tudo Mma 4 Ever
Thai master
Thai Elites
8-19-2013 10:47 am EST
Yea name him something great, especially if he's your first number 1. I need to get one. But yea your camp has been killing it, i might change my camp to only 1 to 3 styles like yours is mainly, SftF , sprawl an brawal switch an ground an pound etc.
8-12-2013 3:30 am EST
Thanks a lot!
8-10-2013 8:07 pm EST
im trying to figure out dirty boxing by trial and error. you have any tips?
Fat Camp
8-9-2013 8:31 pm EST
I will. I guess there are other ways I can challenge my fighters.
Fat Camp
8-9-2013 9:20 am EST
I make the rules now.
Fat Camp
8-6-2013 11:49 am EST
http://mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=1044146 ? looks normal to me
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
8-4-2013 8:17 am EST
o this is awkward....
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
8-3-2013 8:58 pm EST
yeah ive been on this site 3 months after you joined haha
Fat Camp
8-3-2013 12:57 pm EST
yea, 14 years, surprising
8-3-2013 11:45 am EST
Still no challenge. If you want a shot you got it.
8-3-2013 11:12 am EST
However, Henry Gray didn't issue a challenge. No challenge = no shot.
8-2-2013 10:39 am EST
Camp Overdrive cited for mishandling of Glory WW title Nov 2330. Panchito "Allstar" Salazar defended against George Wilson of Minas Thirith, who was coming off of two consecutive losses. The top-ranked fighter in the division, Henry Gray of the Rusty Fish Hooks, is on three consecutive wins.
Who Knew
7-30-2013 7:02 am EST
Lol, it was because you challenged a guy who I asked not to be challenged in their nick name or I indicated they could not cut.
7-28-2013 8:32 am EST
Thanks. My record isn't nearly as impressive as yours though. :)
7-28-2013 12:00 am EST
Hey easy, we have a TUF torny comming up, nice to see you active mate and hope you sign up in time for the start. We have loads of active coaches and sadly the only really active Alliance at the moment. Hope to hear from you soon.
7-26-2013 11:33 am EST
Thanks bro!
7-24-2013 5:24 pm EST
Just read your comment on the congrats for my 4000th win. Thanks for that.
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
7-24-2013 3:46 am EST
I sent challenges to both of you, I was signing off for the night and you still hadn't accepted so I sent a challenge to him as well. If it was EFC, only would have challenged you but since it's Glory, I'm not as concerned, I'll send you one next reset.
7-23-2013 2:29 am EST
cheers for the comment bro, Tom retired today but will go down as a champ, had great fun with him.
7-20-2013 8:52 pm EST
Rusty Fish Hooks cited for the (accidental) misappropriation of the Glory Light Heavyweight championship to the fighter who just lost it to me rather than looking for #1 contender. Didn't realize I was the champ just clicked accept. So sorry :(
7-20-2013 4:16 pm EST
Gaylord becomes only the second camp (after Belly Jitsu) to be restricted, and the only person completely blacklisted by this camp. How unfortunate...
7-20-2013 4:13 pm EST
And yea mate I know people do hate it ah but cheers anyways hehe finally got you
7-4-2013 3:54 pm EST
Thanks for all the fights recently, your camp is elite.
Fat Camp
6-28-2013 11:48 am EST
thanks man
5-30-2013 10:58 am EST
Camp "fighter pride" fighter Tyson McConomy cited for mishandling championship, in choosing a challenger (Cameron Brooks of vigoresia gym) Feb 2320 coming off a loss over one with 4 consecutive wins and highest pound for pound rank (Juancho Ortiz) in Preliator MW.
5-25-2013 10:12 pm EST
TEAM ALVES BR cited for title shot ducking, Addiction HW.
10-3-2011 8:50 pm EST
Nice wins dudester. You're on my list now.
jersey devils
9-28-2011 10:16 pm EST
It's teshore lol
9-5-2011 7:57 pm EST
no problem haha
9-5-2011 5:23 pm EST
sweeet lol doesnt look like ill be getting any shots, just lost so good luck defending the strap
9-5-2011 4:45 pm EST
yeah i did notice he was 2nd in the rankings, fair is fair i suppose, thanks anyways
9-5-2011 2:30 pm EST
can my dude have a shot at the wilcetti next reset please bro
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
8-28-2011 10:08 pm EST
I don't know man. I dropped GnP because I lost trainers and didn't want to build it back up. I haven't been playing as much lately either.
8-14-2011 4:40 am EST
Thanks man! Appreciate the fight.
Who Knew
8-1-2011 6:27 pm EST
Appreciate the fight
Our Gang
4-27-2011 7:38 am EST
thanks for the congrats u hav a very awesome camp
4-24-2011 6:06 pm EST
haha, i took that legend fight with kenny at HW and not a CW fight.
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
4-10-2011 10:25 am EST
ok sorry didn't read the description clearly
4-5-2011 4:41 am EST
Your comment about my avatar was hilarious. Thx.
Big Ace
4-2-2011 4:44 am EST
ohhh shit sorry.I mighta fought at the same time you sent me the challenge.Me and abs were talking in IRC and thought slymanz was up - but then he fought at like the same time that I fought abs's guy
Big Ace
4-1-2011 4:56 pm EST
I didn't. I caccepted it...
3-7-2011 5:40 am EST
Your welcome. I knew he prob wouldn't win. He's a trainer, but your good about giving me fights. I like fighting your camp.
Smacku Two
3-4-2011 11:58 pm EST
Parker Elkins fights this weekend. Check your PMs.
2-26-2011 7:22 pm EST
http://mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=797235 Tried to cut him down, but he couldn't cut the weight. This is where he's stuck fighting. Thanks for the suggestion.
2-25-2011 1:48 pm EST
Thanks for always giving me good fights.
Mister Judo
1-7-2011 5:30 pm EST
thanks man, i made a few other dbz guys but hercules my fav lol
Big Ace
12-12-2010 7:36 am EST
lol I dunno. I know that guy has very good hiddens so that may have something to do with it. He's just a trainer for my main build. I work wrest/brawl/power with him only to keep the stats high to build my cd guys. Nice to see you around here when you're here man. MFP was telling us about your circumstances overseas. Even though I'm not a countryman (canadian) I think it's extremely worthwhile and appreciatted what you are doing over there. Good luck!
6-14-2010 6:36 pm EST
Thats cool.I know it is an unwritten rule. I am just mad I did so badly the first time. Thanks for considering it.
Chris Diamond
Diamond Inc
4-19-2010 9:07 am EST
Thanks for the comment & the help.
Jack Yeo Camp
4-3-2010 4:55 pm EST
i see your logic and agree