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Senior Pain
spanish shooto
2-22-2021 12:35 am EST
and I though what kinda crazy recruits does this new camp pull, but this is an old camp! good to see so many camps' bonfires re-ignited :)
2-11-2021 6:34 am EST
not seen this camp in a while!
3-14-2019 12:16 am EST
Damn yeah, that KO was a crazy one lol.
2-26-2019 9:38 am EST
yeah, no problem. I definitly though something weird like this happened. Thanks for the ac.
1-4-2019 8:46 pm EST
Good one bro i kinda figured i wasnt gonna win that one and retain the belt_Stefano Arbore
12-24-2018 1:46 pm EST
I’m pretty surprised I won that one
7-5-2018 3:35 am EST
Haha poor research there, Bolivia is much closer to home for you! its a Mankini btw XD
7-4-2018 5:02 am EST
Borat you ditched your country kazakhstan for bolivia?
7-4-2018 3:05 am EST
I feel this is a more appropriate pic for this camp lol: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BrvazRTCIAAfRYT.jpg:large
6-2-2018 3:21 pm EST
Hey is there something wrong with the Nice Guys page
8-2-2017 7:40 am EST
My Boy, that were speaking of in the post below, just retired this morning. He had a great early career and a very disappointing later career. You just never know how a fighter grow throughout his career.
6-16-2017 4:33 am EST
Thanks, Biz. I can only hope that my boy continues to find a way to win. He is young and yes, he is impressive... so far. Let's hope that the fame doesn't go to his head. ;)
6-4-2017 7:07 pm EST
tell chief to unban me from the forums