Junkie Fighing Systems El

Last Online - Monday 6th of June 2011
Display Name Smgordo13
Member Since Apr 28, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 2369-2679


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Mister Judo
9-17-2011 3:38 am EST
miss u gordo. if u come back msg me. mod will always be a welcome home for u :) - thejudochamp
420 Fight Club
5-9-2011 10:09 am EST
Check out my newest recruit in this camp. Adrien Lacoste. I fucked up and didnt make him German, but I thinks its a winner.
Sick Puppy MMA
4-15-2011 8:52 am EST
Terrible grammar! Anyway, when you get an ID, I can bring you up to the rest of the team we will vote to add you. Should be no issues with getting you in. There is a subforum that only members can get to and the only requirement is for you to check in on the Roll Call thread once a month, so we know you are still active.
Sick Puppy MMA
4-15-2011 8:47 am EST
Cool man. All you need to do is get a forum ID. Either send me a PM on the forums or shoot me your userID on my camp wall. There are several alliances o the forums, and there are always different tournies or events bewteen the two. Plus, MoD has some really solid coaches that have a ton of knowledge wen it comes to styles and stats and stuff. It wont take anymore time then you would normally spend on this game, and like I said, it just adds to the overall experience.
Sick Puppy MMA
4-14-2011 9:38 pm EST
Whats up man? Camp is looking solid. Just glanced at your comments and saw Belly had hit you up to join his alliance. We are actually in a new alliance called the Merchants of Death. If you ever get interested in joining, you have an open invite from me. It doesnt take a lot of time, and it actually adds to the MMARMY experience with different tournies and events put on between the alliances. Get back at me if you ever want to join.
Sick Puppy MMA
3-17-2011 1:15 pm EST
Just checked out Armchairfighters. Looks like a decent forum. Are there other Junkies that have found their way over to that website or what?
Sick Puppy MMA
3-10-2011 10:19 pm EST
Fellow Junkie here. Grapple420 giving MMARMY another go after a 2 1/2 year break.
1-21-2011 7:04 am EST
Tryna start a war here?....
Camp Connect
1-6-2011 4:14 pm EST
it means ur syle has an advantage over mine
Jonathan Brookins
Team Brookins
12-25-2010 10:29 am EST
thanks, been trying to get a title shot but the champ keeps dodging xD you know any good secondary/third stats for punches in bunches or perhaps a good switch? currently he's just 8pts
scott cooley
12-23-2010 8:43 am EST
i would love for you to join.....you are welcome anytime.
Jonathan Brookins
Team Brookins
12-22-2010 3:31 pm EST
forsure, my guys is weaksauce :(, any tips for punches in bunches or how to train hades?
7-22-2010 4:56 pm EST
first guy to get that high i take it? grats if so. If you have not checked out the forums here they are a huge help.
Big T Plays
7-22-2010 6:12 am EST
had to deny one of your fights because that dude is in a tournament for my alliance. Wasnt ducking. Raincheck?
6-25-2010 8:00 am EST
mostly becuase I spend more time talking to the guys here. I like the guys i'm in an alliance with and the shout box feature just seems better for actual conversation.
6-23-2010 3:38 pm EST
yea man, i brought this game up in the forums there about a year ago. I don't frequent the forums there to much any more but my tag there is lifeispain
6-22-2010 5:50 am EST
MMA junkie camp?
10-27-2009 6:07 pm EST
dont give up man.....you are getting there
9-22-2009 10:16 pm EST
Nice Camp name. We both have guys in the GEC. Want to fight them? Arc
Carson West
8-19-2009 8:36 am EST
hey Gordon...it's me J-Roc