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Last Online - Friday 30th of October 2020
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Vitamin S Club
10-22-2020 4:17 pm EST
After another great run, The Vitamin S Club has needed to close for business. Thank you everyone for the fun matches! -Steroid Rico
MMA Jeddah Club
10-7-2020 11:03 pm EST
Haha thanks buddy! :)
Vitamin S Club
10-2-2020 11:30 am EST
10/20/20: #10 Ranked Camp.
Fat Camp
9-29-2020 6:36 pm EST
ain't no party like and S-Club party
Vitamin S Club
9-29-2020 9:08 am EST
9/29/20: #15 Ranked Camp.
Vitamin S Club
9-1-2020 5:13 pm EST
9/1/20 - First time the Vitamin S Club has cracked the top twenty camps in Camp Rankings.
Vitamin S Club
8-25-2020 10:42 am EST
8/25/20: Noel Gonzalez EFC WW Champ, Ho Zhao Prellator WW Champ, Rommel Munoz Prellator BW Champ.
Vitamin S Club
8-18-2020 6:57 am EST
8/18/20: Noel Gonzalez EFC WW Champ, Hilario Baha EFC LW Champ.
Vitamin S Club
7-8-2020 4:42 pm EST
7/8/20: Efren Victorio MW EFC Champ Benigno Dizon WW UNO Champ Noel Gonzalez WW LFO Champ Hilario Baha LW CG Champ
7-6-2020 7:24 pm EST
I just saw this, and i hear you man do your thing
2-27-2018 8:48 am EST
Sent you a new password.
2-25-2018 3:48 pm EST
I can get you a new password if you remember the username.
2-11-2018 7:59 pm EST
You a forum member?
Vitamin S Club
6-3-2015 9:10 pm EST
Camp is closed for business. Thank you all for your patronage.
6-2-2015 6:29 pm EST
We only have 2 places left in our alliance. Let me know if you want to join
5-27-2015 11:38 am EST
coaches if you need an Alliance in the forum. All are full but I have places available. Pm me. (just ignore this message if you are in an alliance already or i didn't recognise a vets new camp) thanks
4-8-2015 12:34 pm EST
Thanks! Really struggling to get the right build on RnG. Going to keep trying though, hopefully get it working eventually.
3-5-2015 1:33 pm EST
thanks man
Vitamin S Club
1-20-2009 11:19 pm EST
On Feb 2055, the Vitamin S Club concurrently held three titles. Chael Griffin with the Glory LW title, Kenji Nishihara with the MFO WW title, and Reynaldo Otelo with the Strikefest MW title.
dirty dave
team dirty
12-29-2008 1:34 pm EST
thanks for the comment im still learning and look forward to fighting agian
Ricky Suarez
Fire Kingdom
12-18-2008 6:25 am EST
good switch
Al Bundy TT
Polk High
12-17-2008 7:33 pm EST
Four touchdowns in the City Championship.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
11-25-2008 1:15 pm EST
Right on man. I wish I had the patience to do that. LOL I usually retire those. I could be missing out on some good slow developers.
c day
10-13-2008 4:39 pm EST
that would be great. good luck.-jandro
10-10-2008 11:22 pm EST
I was wondering if anyone would know who Jo Boo was.
8-23-2008 10:40 am EST
Lost it so quickly...
7-22-2008 6:35 am EST
thanks for the advice i'll try your tacticts over the next few months
7-19-2008 3:51 pm EST
As a well accomplished coach, would you have any additional tips for a club searching for it's first belt?
Pure MMA
6-21-2008 6:23 am EST
It's fun to do bad things, like drive into a car.
Sallie Pepsi
Flash Dance
6-14-2008 12:48 pm EST
I know where your coming from, there is a reason my team is named Flash Dance
Team Vegas
6-11-2008 12:49 pm EST
THAT SUCKS! At least he captured the EFC title before retiring though. Congrats
Gorilla Brown
Swamp Killers
6-8-2008 8:17 pm EST
He has missed 185 three times out of six. I fought him today at 205 and lost. Should have rolled at 185.
Gorilla Brown
Swamp Killers
6-5-2008 12:44 pm EST
I know. This guy is to nasty. What do you recommend his second style be?
6-4-2008 3:23 pm EST
I'm actually playing with his styles
5-27-2008 6:38 pm EST
Shh, don't tell anybody I'm a bitch. I trying to build my rep...
5-23-2008 4:21 pm EST
lol Doc Hollywood was one of my favorite movies.. I really hope i get a fighter named Marty McFly
Vitamin S Club
5-22-2008 6:21 pm EST
August, 2014: Jiro "Christmas Gi" Osaragi captures the WVA Lightheavyweight belt. Isao "bout to Hulk Out" Fuwa captures the Ring Rage Lightweight belt. Eiji "Heart of Glass" Akera captures the Shaato Lightweight belt.
Benjamin Rambo
5-5-2008 8:04 pm EST
I want a chicken sandwich, and some waffle fries, FOR FREE!
jersey devils
4-14-2008 11:06 am EST
Thanks for the kind words. It's a shame I started off so poorly in glory because I was looking forward to a stand-up war with Kikuchi. That would have been an awesome evenly matched fight! Simon Taylor
4-10-2008 10:27 pm EST
I didn't realize that it was the same guy...
4-8-2008 10:36 pm EST
Your camp if fawking aweshume doot.
3-31-2008 3:21 pm EST
soon to suck your raba
Vitamin S Club
3-13-2008 6:33 pm EST
Head Shop
2-29-2008 4:29 pm EST
I appreciate it but it kicked me out because my contract expired. It was full when I tried to sign back in. Thanks again for the offer. If you still have it I will buy out my contract and try to get back in. Let me know
Andy Shapiro
Rocks Juice Pit
2-19-2008 4:49 am EST
You know it. Steroids are the key ingredient to my camp's success.
2-12-2008 1:51 pm EST
Alright...thanks mate