Chinese Youth

Last Online - Saturday 26th of June 2021
Display Name Wocker
Member Since Aug 31, 2014
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1596-1340


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1-3-2016 8:39 pm EST
you suck
Miyata Gym
3-28-2015 10:17 am EST
you're converting chinese youth over to missile crisis build?
3-12-2015 3:38 pm EST
Love an extra hand.
3-12-2015 3:17 pm EST
Do whatever the fuck you need to get to EFC and have Chief, Jbear and Godfather hold your dick while you piss. I only fucking asked why you don't accept and you turned into a little cunt about it, didn't realize asking a question was against the law.
2-26-2015 6:39 pm EST
I missed those resets because I'm in the hospital
2-24-2015 4:46 pm EST
Hector likes being the new Bitch Tits.
1-20-2015 3:00 am EST
I hardly play dude, and havent logged to the forums in weeks and do not plan to do so. Basically my MMArmy play life is just train all my guys every 3 or 6 days and take whatever fight challenge they get. Appreciate offer though bro, and would join your alliance if i actually played enough to help in stuff but not active enough for that at the moment.
1-17-2015 5:06 pm EST
Rong Ding scores win #500 for Chinese Youth in dominating fashion making Alexander Ljung submit to vicious strikes from the mount.
8-31-2014 12:16 pm EST
Chinese branch of Mexico Top Team. Overseen by Fred Reeva, uncle of the legendary Dan Quinn.